I Mediterranean Co-production Forum

From April 18th to the 20th Lecce will host the 1st Co Production Mediterranean Forum addressed to movie companies and authors curious to get involved in other’s projects, to match energy and creativity.

This 1st Forum edition, organized and held during the Festival del Cinema Europeo, represents the epitome we have had for a long time: let people and ideas interact for the growth of cinema. For those who are interested, here you will find the Forum programme and the entry form.

The programme schedules seminars and meetings among producers, distributors, film commissioners, authors and directors to encourage co production process and exchange of good practices to improve the operative course of the attendants.
The event will enrich social occasions both official and informal in a cosy and pleasant ambiance as the city of Lecce is used to be renown.

On Monday, April 19th, will be held the 1st European Production Workshop, a chance to debate the evolution of national and International support to the movie industry organized by Festival del Cinema Europeo in collaboration with MEDIA desk Italy for the Mediterranean Co Production Forum.

Free admittance.