AAW 2010 New deadline!

Apulia Film Commission intends to proceed with the selection of further applications giving notice of the reopening of the deadline for the public notice above mentioned.

The Foundation Apulia Film Commission extends the Deadline for applications on 16 August 2010, 18.00 p.m. (italian time).

It is specified that: as an alternative to a minimum of 1 (one) and a maximum of 2 (two) subjects including a minimum of 1 (one) and a maximum of 2 (two) scenes developed for each subject, are admissible to be sent the first 15 (fifteen) pages of a screenplay (see art.5)

Finally, it is specified that: with "subject" is intended a short treatment.

The other dispositions about which is referred to in the original public announcement of 28.06.2010 remain confirmed

Download the folder to submit your application:

AAW - PugliaExperience folder