Ode a Raffaella. Dovrei chiamarlo così in verità, questo post. E' l'anima operativa di questa avventura filmcommissionale (se posso chiamarla così, il mio mito Tullio De Mauro apprezzerebbe!).

Parlano per lei i risultati. Guardate qua, riceve questa email, che dice più di ogni ulteriore commento:

Dear Raffaella,

We will do the dancing in Alberobello with the folkloristic community there. I will leave the office at 5, so if you have any questions or remarks after 5 you can call me on my mobile: 0031 ....
The crew is in Alberobello at the moment. We are a little bit unlucky with the weather, but besides that everything seems to be going well.
I will contact you on Monday, but I would already like to thank you for all the work you have done for us. I know this is your job, but you have been a great help for me and the rest of the crew. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You will be one of the first to see the final result of the trip to Puglia.

Kind regards,