AAW 2010 Selections

Apulia Film Commission with the present, announces the publication of the public notice list for "PugliaExperience 2010", international workshop of writing for the cinema restricted to 16 scriptwriters.

Eighty (80) applications were received, thirty-two (32) international and forty-eight (48) italian.

The list of the sixteen (16) scriptwrites under thirty five (35) selected in the workshop is composed of nine (9) scriptwriters coming from EU and Mediterranean countries and seven (7) scriptwriters coming from Italy (up to a quarter born or resident in Apulia).

Arriving at its second edition, will take place in Apulia from October 3rd to 22nd 2010.

The workshop will conclude with the selection of one of the subjects created by participants during PugliaExperience 2010. The Apulia Film Commission Foundation will offer a scriptwriting contract to the writer of the subject chosen by the AFC directors.


AAW-PugliaExperience 2010 Selection - Formato: application/pdf