Adriatic IPA Cross-border Cooperation 2007-2013 – Measure 3.3 “Communication networks”


The aim of the project is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy arTVision for free. The idea being a thematic multimedia channel which offers high quality and original cultural contents through a full range of contemporary arts, produced in an ongoing workshop that unites localism and globalism in this new creative industry. ArTVision will be unique in its ability to transmit its own (art) “VISION”, making use of telecommunication networks as well as media and information technology infrastructures already existing in partner countries or network members.

ArTVision is a unique “brand”, with its own mission and cultural identity that will be transmitted via a combination of cross-communication methods. The audiovisual content produced by arTVision will gradually be broadcast by all of the channels which participate as part of the project’s supporting network. They will also be viewable on all broadcasting media in various countries, whether they be analogue, digital, terrestrial, satellite or via the internet.

The objectives of the arTVision project are:

  1. Selection of high-quality artistic content from local talents which can then be promoted on a global scale. Above all young and emerging artists will be selected who are continuing rare local traditions, and yet promoting a new culture of dialogue and new forms of mobility within contemporary art;
  2. Maximum distribution and exposure of artworks and audiovisual content amongst the Adriatic and European population. This will be guaranteed through: 1)  using new technology to circulate audiovisual content (internet TV, social networks); 2) circulating audiovisual content through all the conventional channels which form the project (national TV, satellite TV, museum networks, contemporary art museums);
  3. Mobility of works of art and of the artists themselves. This will be achieved through forms of hospitality that will ensure exchanges and mutual understanding between artists, across national borders. Their work will be created and exhibited in designated sites on the shores of the Adriatic;
  4. Content production. This will be undertaken by arTVision through constant and innovative production, mainly of audiovisual products, for artistic content as well as new and experimental formats for cultural communication.

The project’s innovation and the push/call for transmediality and cross-border cooperation will be communicated to the public through presentations of the project in all Adriatic ports in partnership areas.

The long term continuation of the results of arTVision are based on both the conception and the fulfilment of a Cross-Border Sustainability Plan, which right from the beginning acts as the main support for the project. This plan is born from planning and discussions between the project’s associates and partners which will remain active throughout its duration. It is hoped that this will ensure a successful future for the project beyond its envisaged conclusion in March 2015.


WP1 – Cross-Border Project Management and Coordination
This aims to ensure that suitable management and operational governance systems are put in place for all the project’s partners for its duration. The partnership’s policies and decision making will be managed by the project’s lead partner, Puglia Region, and put into action by a committee charged with planning the project’s activity.
WP2 – Communication and Dissemination
ArTVision, in general terms, can be described as an international cultural and social communication initiative. For this reason it implicitly includes, among its tools and proposed methods, a solid platform for teaching, promoting and the diffusion, both in real time and ex post, of the research carried out in the project’s innovative field. This WP is primarily for institutional communication and circulation, whilst other specific promotional methods and tools are planned in other WPs.
WP3 – Future Search Conference and Contemporary Cultural Policy – Creative Comparison
The aim of this action point is to involve the decision makers and stakeholders, from different countries in the Adriatic, in a journey of debate, cooperation and exchange of good practice in the field of cultural policies. In particular, a series of recommendations and proposed points of action will emerge from these discussions. These recommendations will be used as one of the starting points for WP6; future ways for ongoing cultural cooperation between partner countries. In order to achieve these aims a method of validation on a European scale (“Future Search Conference”), which seeks to establish ways of making efficient changes, starting from the analysis of current situations and leading the participants towards implementing joint plans for the future, will be used. The principal phases which make up this approach are: the analysis of good practice in terms of culture in the Adriatic, developing future visions and the elaboration of common setting which allows the sharing, the transfer, and the continuation of the policies and the successful initiatives.
WP4 – Start – arTVision Channel – start up and management
WP4 represents the heart of arTVision: it produces the spark for the primary “trans-medial” telecommunication infrastructure in the Adriatic area, dedicated entirely to the live transmission of programmes linked to the contemporary visual arts. The challenge of the project (improving the innovative artistic communication between the countries involved in the project and those in the wider world), is to succeed in working in a new, coordinated manner.The production initiatives (150 proposed audiovisuals on subjects such as young artists, events, successes and trends from the world of contemporary art) based on individual local subjects and the TV crews assembled especially for recording these audiovisual clips will be organised efficiently so that the audiovisuals conform to a common standard. This working body, this web, must function not only as a network, but as multimedia platform capable of offering audiovisuals with original content and of a high artistic quality. It must be both autonomous and sustainable in the long term, so that it becomes a beacon for and an integral part of experimental initiatives in the world of contemporary art.

The TV Crews deliver news stories, create new platforms and pilot audiovisual projects, as well as producing real time and instant news programs on art in the Adriatic. The Apulian crew coordinates the project and the distribution of content to all media channels belonging to the arTVision international network. All of the crew will be equipped and arranged at a local level. The Apulian crew will act as a central editor.

The following will be achieved within this WP.

  • 135 original audiovisual productions from the 5 television crews.
  • 15 audiovisual productions from professional young film-makers.
  • 5 Light Residences: artistic centers attracting around 30 students from art academies (indirectly: students from all participating academies), that will host 5 ‘art shows’, staged by 5 artists of international renown.

The participants, who will be the lifeblood of this new program of art exhibitions, are therefore predominately artists currently in education. The arTVision crews will be a part of the visual art portraying the art on show.

WP5 – Art in Port
This initiative intends to reinforce the importance of the idea that to communicate successfully and to achieve a mutual understanding, it is also necessary to arrange seminars in person; this is an indispensable method for communication and comparison. It is for this reason that we want to promote, through this WP, international mobility initiatives for young artists in the Adriatic.The organizing of a series of contemporary art events and exhibitions in different ports around the Adriatic is the means through which an everlasting centre will be created, of exchange and meetings, of questions and answers and of discussion and comparison for a new and collaborative form of art.

Through the planning of a workshop in Polignano a Mare and the 5 exhibitions that follow, numerous opportunities for multidisciplinary and cultural cross-fertilisation will be launched, developed and produced.

WP6 – Cross Border Sustainability Plan 'arTVision'
The WP6 supports, from the outset of the project, all interim actions, marketing strategy and fund raising, aimed at the largest possible geographical and television outreach of the network and to its sustainability in the long term.


Lead Partner

  • PUGLIA REGION – Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent

with technical support by Apulia Film Commission Foundation


  • IT – Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art
  • IT – Veneto Region – Cultural and Performing Arts Section
  • IT – Academy of Fine Arts Venice
  • MON – Ministry of Culture of Montenegro
  • MON – Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Cetinje
  • AL – Ministry of Culture of Albania
  • AL – University of Arts –Tirana
  • HR – Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
  • HR – Kanal RI – Croatia


  • FR – Euronewa
  • IT – Artribune
  • IT – S.r.l.
  • MON – Radio Television of Montenegro
  • AL – RTV Ora News

“arTVision – A live art channel” is a project financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, Measure 3.3 “Communication networks” and has a total budget of 3.305.727,62 euro.

The IPA Adriatic Programme is aimed at producing more effective and coherent support through a single framework to strengthen institutional ability, cross-border cooperation, and sustainable economic and social development. Such aid will strengthen the stabilisation and association process with candidate countries and potential candidates alike, whilst respecting the specific projects and processes in which each of them is involved.

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