Why shooting in Puglia?

Boundless fields of wheat, modern and busy metropolis, plain and finely tilled lands, fascinating karstic and sea caves, smoking chimneys, sunny farms, ancient olive trees, maze-like alleys. Dry-stone walls, trulli, industrial archaeology, huge deserted squares, mystery magic castles, a vast sea of containers. Thick green woods, medieval small villages, baroque cities. An 800 km shore: rocky or sandy with unique and crystal-clear water. The Murgia: either bare or snowy as the roughest mountain and are only natural effects.

Puglia, from Gargano to Salento, it’s the richest, among Italian regions, in delightful locations. Shooting in Puglia, it’s like having the world in one place. Because Puglia is a set-scene to wander.

Highways and Expressways connect the main airports (Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Grottaglie) to all centres of attractions. Three harbours: Bari and Brindisi, on the Adriatic Sea, as well as Taranto to reach the Balkans and the Mediterranean Area, in the space of a night.

Our aim is to set Puglia into the collective imagination, as a place where to shoot and set new locations and productions, making directors and film producer’s task easier choosing this wonderful region.