Apulia Film Commission at Cannes 68. with “Tale of Tales” by Matteo Garrone

Apulia Film Commission at Cannes 68. with “Tale of Tales” by Matteo Garrone

“Tale of Tales” directed by Matteo Garrone, shot in Puglia with the grant and support from Apulia Film Commission, will be in competiton at Cannes 68.

This important achievement is a confirmation of all efforts made to promote, in these 8 years of activities, Puglia as the perfect place to shoot through the combination of grants, free services, unique historical architecture excellent landscapes and a great offer of skilled crews.

Matteo Garrone chose, for his first English spoken movie, the UNESCO world heritage site of Castel del Monte, Castel in Gioia del Colle, the grottos in Mottola and Accetta Grande.

In competition at the Cannes Film Festival and in Italian theatres with 01 from 14 May, Tale of Tales defends and heightens the power of that literary genre (once oral) that dips into collective unconsciousness. Garrone deploys all the classic Medieval characters – the witch queen and terrifying mother, the father-ogre, the wizard, the young hunter, the vagabond, the hero and the seductive princess – maintaining the horror that has characterised all his films and building his own bridge to the present day, but in a new sumptuous, cinematic way that is more entertaining.

Three stories, acted out by an international cast, weave together and follow on from each other in Tale of Tales. In the first story, the queen, Salma Hayek, sacrifices her husband, played by John C. Reilly, and her very soul to have a son (Christian Lees), putting into practice the advice of necromancer Franco Pistoni. In another, the king, played by Toby Jones, is forced to give his daughter, princess Viola (Bebe Cave) away in marriage, and to keep her forever by his side, hatches a plan of dramatic proportions: he will have the princess carried away by an Ogre, Guillaume Delanay. In the third and final story, a lecherous king, played by Vincent Cassel, captivated by a maiden of whom he has only heard the melodious voice, falls victim to an old and ambitious washerwoman, played by Hayley Carmichael and Stacy Martin.

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