“Rex 7″ shooting in Bari

“Rex 7″ shooting in Bari

The new adventures of the world’s most famous four-legged police chief, Rex, are currently being filmed in Apulia, a result of the effort and support of Apulia Film Commission and Pugliapromozione together with Aeroporti di Puglia.

Two of the twelve episodes of “Rex 7”, produced by Dog’s Life for Beta Film and to be broadcasted on Rai 2, are to be filmed from 10th – 23rd January at the Bari Karol Wojtyla airport, Monopoli, Fasano and environs.

A press conference was held to mark the beginning of the shooting on set of  in the check-in area at  the airport. Participants included producer Alessandro Passadore, directors the Manetti Bros, leading actor Francesco Arca and, of course, Rex the dog itself. There were, as well,  the Mayor of Bari Michele EmilianoAntonio Vasile, local assessor for Territorial Marketing, Giancarlo Piccirillo, director of Pugliapromozione and Silvio Maselli, Apulia Film Commission GM.

In consideration of the overwhelming success in Italy and in over 135 countries worldwide, Pugliapromozione has signed a product placement contract with the production company to promote the Apulia brand, thus complementing the well-established support which the Apulia Film Commission already lends to the audio-visual industry.

As a result, the screenplay includes the subject of holidaying in Apulia with a number of shots from the promotional campaign for European capital cities, “We are in Puglia”, organised by Pugliapromozione with co-marketing by Nikon.

In particular, in a scene shot in Bari airport, lead actor Marco Terzani and Rex see off a departing passenger. As they are walking through the airport, they come across posters showing the extraordinary beauty of the local area. At this point, they decide not to leave and take a holiday in Apulia instead.