Mostra del Cinema di Taranto

The Mostra del Cinema di Taranto is a project of the Levante International Film Festival Cultural Association, that has made, in addition to numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, 15 editions between the Festival of the same name and the Mostra itself, whose objective is an independent author and quality cinema. The view that looks at is the audience of filmmakers from around the world, receiving the most advanced experiences in all film genres and the use of advanced technologies, in shooting, editing and in all the processes of making a film. It has developed and maintains prestigious international relationships, including the Mosfilm (Russia), Deutsche Kinemathek (Germany), etc. The Mostra del Cinema di Taranto realizes its editions around specific themes (Identity, Metamorphoses, etc.) and while cinema is its field of intervention, It opens up to other forms of cultural production to be included in programming (theatre, literature, music, photography, visual arts, etc.).