About Us


Established by Regional Law, the Apulia Film Commission Foundation was founded in 2007, in order to draw audiovisual productions to Puglia, by developing professional expertise and competences throughout the region, encouraging the development of companies operating in the field, carrying out audience development activities, promoting FIlm culture in Puglia. Since 2007, Apulia Film Commission has received more than 450 audiovisual works, funding more than 300 - in cooperation with the Puglia Region – with over 16 million Euros and an economic impact of more than 52 million Euros. The economic impact generated within the territories, amounts to over 100 million Euros. Some of the authors who have been in Puglia in recent years are: Ermanno Olmi, Paul Haggis, Matteo Garrone, Marco Tullio Giordana, Daniele Ciprì, Sergio Rubini, Patty Jenkins, Mario Martone, Goran Paskaljevic, Michael Bay and Carlo Verdone.